Focusing–On 1976

December 17th, 2009

The center of the world is where I stand!
A focal point in endless time and space!
Topeka, Kansas, center of this land,
Of land and sea, whichever way I face.
This day, this month, this year I have of life
A moment in a vast infinity
The summing up of all of human strife
That was, projecting all that’s yet to be.

Both time and space go endless out of sight–
From here and now, this bi-centennial year.
“America”–you know the time is right;
“Topeka” (it’s an Indian name) is here.

And who am I if not American?
A Kansan, a Topekan–forty-five–
My time is now. Whatever I may plan
Must be done here . . . while I am still alive.

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