Those Bedroom Eyes

December 17th, 2009

(In Three Ottava Rima)

“The passion pulsing from those bedroom eyes
Would melt the ice cubes in this orange juice glass,”
I said, “so let me call and tell those guys
I’ll come another day . . . will have to pass
That meeting on their contract . . . otherwise
How can I stay with you? She smiled. Alas!
We knew this deal should make our future bright.
One kiss . . . one more . . . then off to catch my flight.

But now I’m back . . . forgot it in my bliss.
“Run in and grab that contract . . . by the phone . . .
Then . . . on my way . . . I’ll grab one extra kiss!”
The door’s unlocked, “So careless, here alone.”
Surprise her in the kitchen . . . “Hey, what’s this?
Not here! Upstairs?” Halfway I heard her moan,
Then sounds they should have kept much more discreet.
An open door . . . I only saw their feet.

Quick, back downstairs. “It’s there . . . the same old place.”
Then up those stairs, in rhythm with the bed,
Into “our” room. I cannot see his face,
But know it’s Alex, for his hair is red.
Look at her eyes! . . . transported into space
In ecstasy . . . this woman I have wed . . .
Those eyes see me, then widen in surprise.
I aimed the gun–between those bedroom eyes.

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