Review – Barbara Lerma

January 30th, 2010

Robert Lawson’s Bridge of Dreams is the avid reader’s ideal book. This volume weaves great literature throughout the text, from classical Greece, through the medieval world and to contemporary works. It can be read as a modern, coming-of-age tale of 1950s college graduates finding their place in the world through drama or other intrigues. On this level, it is a page-turner with plenty of mystery. But much more provocative for serious readers will be the innovations of this text, which are the suggested readings or film screenings that precede each chapter. To get to the heart of this book, one can choose to read the literary texts that underlie each chapter. Readers will delight in sleuthing through literary cues that enrich this text. Those who follow these clues to the bridge of dreams will experiene a course in classic reading, dreamed up for us by a scholar of English, Greek and Japanese literature.